Part-Exchange Property in Portugal

Part-Exchange your Property

There are many reasons why clients wish to sell or buy property in Portugal. Some sell without purchasing another property and some buy without having a property to sell. However, there are clients who wish to upgrade to a larger property or downgrade to a smaller one and therefore if you are in either of these last two categories, then you may just have another opportunity to buy or sell by using the part-exchange property in Portugal option.

Let me explain, we have many sellers who wish to buy another property once their home in Portugal is sold, some wish to buy a larger home, whilst others wish to purchase a smaller home. Therefore, if as a seller you are willing to consider to part-exchange property in Portugal; That is purchasing the home of the buyer of your property you may just of increased your chance of obtaining a sale.


For example

If you wish to sell your two bedroom property for €300,000 but then wish to buy a three bedroom home for €400,000, you could simply sell yours to the seller in part-exchange plus an additional €100,000 in cash or mortgage. The same would apply if you wished to sell your two bedroom home for €300,000 but then wished to buy a one bedroom home for €200,000, except this time it would be you who received the additional €100,000.

There are an unlimited amount of examples, however if you are in either of these positions you should let the other buyers and sellers know about this, as early as possible. A simple last paragraph on your property listing, stating that you would consider a part-exchange is all you need to do.


The last paragraph may look like this

A superb two bedroom detached home for sale in Comporta at €300,000, owner would consider a part-exchange for a one bedroom home in Sesimbra up to €200,000.


That’s it, simple

You can define the price, area, type, and size of property amongst many other things, just bear in mind, that the more selective you are, generally the less additional opportunities you will find. If you wish to put yourself in front of more buyers, simply let us know if you would part-exchange property in Portugal. Then we can define the conditions that would be acceptable.


Remember to Part-Exchange Property in Portugal

It is currently a buyer’s market and therefore if you wish to increase your chances of selling your property, getting a little creative will help.

For additional help on how to sell or buy property in Portugal or to part-exchange property in Portugal, let Real Estate Comporta, know what you need. A simple email will do.

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