Tourism in Comporta Portugal

Tourism in Comporta

Comporta is a quaint village that lies just behind the Atlantic Ocean in Alentejo. It is often been referred to as the Hamptons of Portugal and tourism in Comporta is now a high-end destination. The benefit of visiting Comporta is that everything is reasonably priced when compared to many other high-end European destinations.

Have you ever wanted to explore a place but have put it off, and now it’s overrun with tourists? I can see Comporta in Portugal heading in that direction, because it can only be kept secret for so long.

High-end tourism in Comporta, Portugal. Comporta is also compared to St Tropez in the south of France or Ibiza in Spain and many people flock to Comporta because of the relaxed vibes and the place to go if you want to lay low.

Small villages encompass this particular region in Portugal, and it is often referred to as an undiscovered haven. There is more wildlife than people here, which makes it a sanctuary for nature lovers.

Why Visit Comporta?

Tourism in Comporta is praised for its pristine beaches and whether you are looking for a laidback experience under the sun or a livelier day at a beach bar, there is fun for everyone. Why not check out the coloured flamingos and go bird watching? Comporta is home to a diverse crowd of birds and other wildlife.

Why tourism in Comporta, Portugal is a high-end destination for many apparent reasons. You have many delightful 5-star restaurants, which offer fresh daily seafood. I would recommend dining at Sal, which is on the beach in Carvalhal. If you want a view of the ocean while dining, check out Comporta Café on Praia de Comporta, as this place serves lunch and dinner with stunning views overlooking the ocean.

It wouldn’t be high-end tourism in Comporta if you didn’t have a variety of luxury places to stay. Of course, there are budget options, but, if money is not an issue, then pamper yourself and choose a contemporary beach house. Fishing huts are a neat option, too, for a more budget-friendly stay.

Adventure Time
Comporta is not well-established as the place to go for adventure; However, you can still find some if you go looking. One adventure is horseback riding along the beach, which is not just your average horseback riding adventure, as you start at the rice fields and end on the beach.

The main adventure in Comporta is definitely just exploring the area and indulging in the incredible gastronomy here. Take in and appreciate the atmosphere and spend your time relaxing and wandering through the boutique shops at Casa da Cultura.

Beaches in Comporta & Melides

The beaches along the coast from Comporta to Melides are some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. This coastal area is known for its natural landscapes, traditional villages, and peacefulness. The main attractions, of course, are the beaches that stretch the coastline of over 60 km in length. The beaches in Comporta and Melides are covered with fine white sand, alongside the blue and green ocen that stretches further than the eye can see. The dunes are covered in vegetation, which is any nature lover’s paradise.

This area of Portugal is great for fishing or simply sitting on the beach and watching for dolphins to pass by. You do not want to miss the sunset, so pack a lunch and plan to stay. Let’s take a look at the beautiful beaches you do not want to miss, from Comporta to Melides.

Beaches in Comporta

Comporta Beach – Praia da Comporta
If you are looking for a trendy beach around Lisbon, this is the place to be seen. Comporta Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country. There are a couple of different restaurants to choose from, as well as a bar that offers drinks and cocktails during sunset. During the summer months, you can rent a mattress to relax on. If you plan on driving to the beach, there is a car park that will cost five euros.

Pego Beach – Praia do Pego
You might recognize Pego Beach because it was featured in the Condé Nast Traveller magazine. Many people also consider Pego Beach to be one of the top beaches in Europe. Depending on the weather you might witness a few kite-boarders on the water. This beach is great for swimming and body-boarding.

Tróia Galé Beach & Tróia Beach
Tróia Galé Beach is one of the best beaches to take your children to. If you don’t want to worry about big waves and your children enjoy swimming, I highly recommend and encourage you to enjoy this beach. There are many places where you can enjoy food, ice cream, and drinks by the sea. You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas during the summer months. Troia beach is supervised by lifeguards during the summer months, for everyones safety.

More Beaches to Consider:

Soltroia Beach – Praia Soltroia
Beach of Brejos – Praia dos Brejos
Galé Beach – Fontainhas – Praia da Galé – Fontainhas
Soltroia Beach – Praia Soltroia
Carvalhal Beach – Praia do Carvalhal
Aberta Nova Beach – Praia da Aberta Nova

Beaches in Melides

Melides Beach – Praia da Melides
Melides Beach is rather unique because it separates the lagoon and the sea. Whether you want to relax or play some beach volleyball, this is a beach you do not want to think twice about visiting. Melides Beach is great for surfing and taking in all the views. Make sure you pay a visit to Melides to enjoy all the beautiful white houses in the village.

Vigia Beach – Praia da Vigia
Vigia Beach is opposite the lagoon, which is a great place to visit if you are looking for clear water. Paragliders are extremely fond of this beach due to the high escarpment for gliding. Make sure you pay a visit to Vigia Beach in order to take in all the beautiful views of Alentejo, almost in total privacy.

Gastronomy in Comporta

Let’s dive deeper into the Gastronomy in Comporta and Melides and decipher which restaurants are worth checking out. But before that, let us take a look a a few traditional Portuguese menu items.

Portuguese Cod Fish
Portuguese Sardines
Chicken Piri-Piri
Portuguese Cured Ham (Porco Preto)
Pastel de Nata (dessert)

These dishes will allow your taste buds to experience what local Portuguese families eat quite regularly. It’s always fun and exciting to dive into the culture that you are visiting or moving to and eat and drink the local dishes that the authentic Portuguese families are serving. It might look a little different than the way you prepare your food at home—but be a little adventurous!

Traditional Portuguese Food

Portuguese codfish can be prepared over 365 different ways, which is a different way for every day of the year if you fancy it that much. Many people eat it salted, and if you are looking for it at the supermarket, it should be called Bacalhau.

Portuguese sardines are a summer favorite for the majority of the Portuguese. It is a very popular dish at many of the festivals across Portugal.

Chicken piri-piri came from Portuguese voyagers who traveled through Africa and discovered a spicy chili pepper, which was known as the piri-piri pepper. Now you can find chicken piri-piri throughout Portugal, and it is mainly served with fries.

Porco Preto is a cured ham that is a favorite here in Portugal and in Spain. You will find Porco Preto in tapas and find other authentic dishes throughout the different areas of Portugal.

Bifanas are a glorified sandwich, which is the national sandwich of Portugal. These sandwiches are pork-based and are served on crispy bread. The pork is marinated in white wine, garlic, and paprika to produce the delicious taste.

Pastel Nata is a delicious creamy pastry, so forget about your diet for one moment. Pastel de Nata is made differently depending on the pastry shop that you visit, however, it is an egg tart that is creamy, sweet, and why you will likely be addicted after the first bite. Many Portuguese people enjoy this tart with a cup of strong Portuguese coffee to start their day.

All of these food options can be found in Comporta & Melides, and recommend enjoying each one of them at some point.

Restaurants in Comporta

Cavalariça Comporta
Sal Restaurant
São João
Piadinas Zanotta
Comporta Café
Sublime Beach

Restaurants in Melides

Tia Rosa
O Fadista

Now, go out and indulge in some great Portuguese favorites based on the opinions of people who are born here and opinions from other travelers.

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Comporta Real Estate

Buyers Agent in Comporta

Working with a Buyers Agent

When searching for your dream home in Comporta, ask yourself, “how do I, start working with a competent buyers agent in Comporta?”

Unless you already happen to be there, you are going to have to find someone you can really trust to show you pictures that reflect the actual home and not ones that hide all of the flaws. Of course before you sign the contract to buy your property in Comporta, you are going to have to go there and take a closer look. The idea is that you should only have to make one trip unless you have access to unlimited time and the money to fly their frequently.

Most of us do not have this kind of money or time, so we have to be able to rely on the realtor we select to be honest in all of their dealings so that we can feel comfortable with what they are showing us. Even though you are probably eager to start looking at houses, you need to start the process of looking at homes for sale in Comporta by looking at realtors.


Experienced Buyers Agent

You need to be looking for a buyers agent in Comporta who understands the procedures, legalities and has been in business for several years. These are the ones that will not only have the better homes listed, but will have a much more knowledge about the different areas and towns so that they can answer all of your questions. No one wants to move into a neighbourhood without knowing what they are moving into.

An experienced realtor will also have a keen understanding of all the legalities involved in buying a home in Comporta. Anytime you set out to buy a home, there are several forms that must be filled out and more than a fair share of legalities that must be dealt with.

Taking care of this in your home country where you live can be difficult enough. When you are buying a home overseas where the laws are likely to be completely different can be a major challenge. You are going to have to rely completely on your realtor to take care of the majority of the paperwork for you and get it right the first time.


Real Estate Comporta

Trying to find an experienced and reputable buyers agent in Comporta can be a challenge if you have never been here or have no recommendations. You need the services of a company like Real Estate Comporta that has been in the business of bringing buyers and sellers together for over 30 years.

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