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Property for sale near Comporta. Search for properties in Grandola, Alcacer do Sal, Santa Margarida da Serra or Melides.

When searching for property for sale near Comporta Portugal, most clients look within a radius of 20 km’s or twenty minutes from the beach.

This radius would therefore include Grandola, Alcacer do Sal, Santa Margarida da Serra and Melides.

Each of these areas have different characteristics which are as follows;


Grandola is one of the main towns in the area and offers all of the necessary facilities to accommodate ones requirements for living in the neighbourhood.

You will find everything you require and you’re still only 20 minutes away from the beach.

Alcacer do Sal

Alcacer do Sal is also one of the main towns in the area.

It’s not only a countryside town but it’s also positioned along the Sado river which heads out to the Atlantic Ocean near Troia.

Santa Margarida da Serra

Santa Margarida da Serra is located between Grandola and Melides and an area where you will mainly find country estates and small hamlets.

It doesn’t offer the facilities of the previously mentioned towns but is more expansive and quiet.


Melides is a traditional village and beach destination which has become very much part of the Comporta catchment area.

There are a number of restaurants, cafes and boutiques with the potential to grow a lot more.

Many foreigners are now focusing on Melides as a neighbourhood where to set up their primary residence or holiday home.


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