House on Melides Hillside

house on melides hillside

House on Melides Hillside with distant Sea-View
8 Hectares with Renovation Property
Valinho da Estrada, 7570, Melides, Grandola

8 Hectares
120 sqm Renovation Property
Build up to 500 sq. m.

Distant Sea-View
Meadow, cork, and mature umbrella pine trees

A sizable, mature estate just outside of the village of Melides along the Alentejo Coast

A great chance to renovate an existing home or start from scratch and build your brand-new home in one of the most sought-after areas along the Alentejo Coast of Portugal

An excellent location with easy access to Melides town centre, beaches including Melides, Aberta Nova, Pinheirinho and Pego Beach. The Algarve is one and a half hours away by car.

An excellent opportunity to renovate or build new or buy and hold as the area develops in to a high-demand, high-end property, and beach destination.

Melides has become an extension of the high-demand area of Comporta as the terrain offers undulation, a different variety of tree, ocean views whilst the atmosphere and environment are as cool as Comporta, yet probably more traditional.

As per all areas, some have more desire than others with Valinho da Estrada, Boa Vista and the Lagoon being top on most buyer’s lists.

Asking Price €1.2m


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Melides, Alentejo Coast, Portugal.

A small town in the district of Grandola which covers an area of 162 km2 and boasts approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Melides offers countryside settings, a number of ocean views from the hillside, and deserted beaches.

The small village of Melides, has a lively town centre, a Catholic Church, cafes and a couple of decent restaurants, although our favourite is still the very affordable “O Fadista” which is located in the centre of the town, near to the church.

Christian Louboutin is currently building a boutique hotel and restaurant in the centre of town which should open in 2023.

The North American Discovery Group has also launched a luxury golf development for the elite from north and south America. The course will be closed to the public and only available to property owners and their guests.

Property prices in Melides have risen significantly over the last few years, although they are still relatively inexpensive when compared to many other parts of the world with similar environments.


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