3 Homes in Melides

Homes in Melides for sale near Aberta Nova

Homes in Melides, Portugal

3 homes in Melides for sale near Comporta in Alentejo

Land Size and Bedrooms

1.8 Hectares Plot Size

7 Beds / 5 Baths


Sobreiras Altas in Melides

5 minutes from Aberta Nova beach

10 minutes from Melides beach, village and lagoon

15 minutes from Grandola

20 minutes from Pego and Carvalhal Beach

Homes in Melides

An affordable opportunity to own a “move-in-ready” property in Melides.

The property is currently constructed as three individual buildings with plenty of exterior space.

Swimming pool, terrace, gated and lawn area with garage.

The new owner will probably make some alterations to the existing property to bring in line with their tastes.

Boasts a very nice parcel of land with a number of mature pines and set within a nice near beach location.

Ideal as a primary, secondary residence or holiday rental.

Income generated from holiday lets would easily pay for the annual costs and upkeep of the property.

One of the buildings could be used as the main home, whilst the other two could be used as holiday cottages for friends or guests.

Due to the cost and location of this estate in Melides, this could prove to be a great investment for the future without breaking the bank.

The property is conveniently located to the nearby beaches and shopping facilities.

Could be “renovated” for a reasonable price or left as is, which would depend upon your own tastes and requirements.

Melides Environment

Very safe environment with neighbours nearby and great access to and from the property.

The area of Melides is now very much part of the greater Comporta area and is attracting many buyers from the European capitals and elsewhere.

This property would allow the new owner to settle in the area quite easily whilst deciding on any future works.

Quite a lot of real estate for the price.



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