Comporta Coronavirus

20 March 2020. Comporta Coronavirus. There are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Comporta, Portugal.

A Note from Our Founder, Regarding COVID-19, Coronavirus Comporta, Portugal: No Cases

As of the morning of March 20th, 2020.

There are no reported cases of COVID-19 in or around Comporta, which is a town and area abutting the Atlantic Ocean and coast of Alentejo.

Alentejo has the largest landmass in Continental Portugal, covering an area of 31,551 km2 with an estimated population of 758,000, which has, so far, only reported two cases.

Both cases are of persons returning from abroad.

Although there is fear throughout Portugal with schools, many public buildings, and large events being closed or cancelled.

The number of reported cases is still quite low.

785 persons are reported to be infected, 4 have died, whilst 3 have recovered.

How are we reacting in Comporta?

Many restaurants have closed whilst others are offering a take-away service.

Supermarkets are open (both large and small) but are restricting the number of customers allowed into such establishments at any one time.

Although many residents have bulk-purchased, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of any of the staple foods, with plenty of meat, fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables still available.

Petrol stations are still operating, and we have seen a significant reduction in the price of both petrol and diesel.

It has been forbidden to congregate in large crowds on the beach.

However, given that we have over 50 km, it’s not difficult to find your own personal space between you and the next person.

(At the moment, I haven’t seen more than 100 people at any one time on this entire stretch of coast.)

If you purchased a plot of land or an estate in Comporta and are currently building, you’ll be pleased to know that most construction workers are still on-site.

Safe Haven

When I arrived in Comporta back in 2009, not only was I awestruck by the natural beauty, I was quite surprised to hear that part-time residents included royalty, government ministers, international celebrities, and bankers.

After a little more investigation, I found out that Comporta was self-sufficient in fresh water (a huge annually renewable aquifer lies beneath the ground), vegetables, fish, and livestock.

(Prior to joining the European Union, Alentejo was the “Breadbasket” of Portugal.)

Apart from the above, I also noticed that there are only a couple of roads leading to Comporta, whilst much of the surrounding lands are abutting the Estuary or Atlantic Ocean, offering a naturally formed water barrier.

The above information led me to write a blog article back in 2012, stating that not only was Comporta a beautiful European destination for the rich and famous but also a safe haven when there was panic in the streets.

The “safe haven” theory seems to have come true, as many homeowners from many parts of the world are currently here with their families with no intentions of leaving anytime soon.


I am pleased to say that for the most part the Portuguese Authorities have acted quite swiftly, and the residents have acted responsibly and maintained a sense of camaraderie and humour, which is reflected in their numerous social media posts.

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I sincerely hope that you, your family, and friends are well and that you all stay that way, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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