Buying Real Estate in Comporta Portugal

Buying Real Estate Comporta Portugal.

Comporta Portugal is an agronomic reserve on the West Coast of Portugal with some of the best beaches in Europe.

Comporta is one hour and fifteen minutes from Lisbon, which enables you to enjoy this incredible place away from the city but still reach there in a short period of time.

Did you know that people who reside in Portugal enjoy three hundred days of sun?

Buying real estate in Comporta includes country estates with luxury villas, beach houses, and the smaller village home.

One of the main reasons that people are investing in real estate in Comporta, is because the market is still quite affordable.

In many instances, property in Comporta is more affordable than most upmarket destinations in western Europe.

Comporta is also very well located with easy access from multiple international routes.

Buy real estate in Comporta

Buying in Comporta is rather easy as there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property here.

Property in Portugal offer substantial returns with an average rate of 12% per year since 2013.

Comporta, Portugal is ideal for retirees or for people who want to set up business as there are many services that are in demand.

Comporta is a quite a safe haven due to low crime rates and its protected location.

It is also very much a family and friendly neighbour environment.

Another factor why investors are buying real estate in Comporta is the favourable tax regime for the buyer.

You don’t need to empty your bank account to purchase a property, you just needs to know the best opportunities at right price.

Pego Beach Comporta

Buying Real Estate in Comporta - Pego Beach

Talking with an experienced real estate agent in Comporta who knows the market well, will enable you to form a strategy based on your investment requirements.

With years of real estate experience in the area, we will help you make an informed decision.

To learn more about buying real estate in Comporta, simply give us a call.