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Property Archive for Comporta Real Estate including Melides, Muda, and Troia in Portugal.


Melides Archive

Stunning parcel of land in Sobreiras Altas, Melides. A large part of this land is covered by a cork forest, with many vantage points to obtain views over the Atlantic Ocean whilst on the lower level there exists a meadow.

16 Hectare Sea View in Melides


One of the best estates in the entire area of Comporta. Immaculate views to the Atlantic ocean over pine and cork forests. Probably the best view in the area. Ideal for tourism or a private family residence.

30 Hectare Sea View in Melides


An affordable parcel of land in Melides near to the beach and town centre. Would suit a boutique hotel or country house in the middle of the pine forest.

7.5ha near Beach and Town Centre


A very interesting plot in Melides Village for sale, with ocean views, to build your new house.

Sea View Plot in Melides


Sea-view house in Melides for renovation or to be built from new with an area of 6,044 sq. m.

Sea View House in Melides


29 hectare sea-view on Meldies hillside with distant views to the Atlantic ocean

29ha Sea View Melides


2.6 hectare parcel of land with 500 sq.m. for a family home, 5 minutes from Melides beach and village.

2.6ha Estate in Melides


10ha Ocean View near Valinho da Estrada in Melides, with an existing construction 120 sq.m.

10ha Ocean View Melides


Charm Hotel in Melides with an area of 10 hectares, surrounded by cork and pines trees. Maximum construction allowed: 4.000 sq. m.

Charm Hotel in Melides


2.5ha Equestrian Property near Melides Lagoon with 850 sq. m. of construction including a home, stables and accommodation.

2.5ha Equestrian Property Melides


Comporta Archive

A great chance to own a 4 bedroom home within 15 minutes of Carvalhal Village and Pego Beach. These houses are located within a countryside environment within a small resort and are offered at reasonable prices for the area of Comporta.

4 Bed Luxury House in Comporta


14 hectares of land with water-views, paddy fields and meadow with a build area of 250 sq. m.

Water View Property in Comporta


Only for those who need and can afford something unique. Land Area 16 hectares with a construction Area of 2,000 sq. m.

Beachfront Comporta


463 sq. m. plot for sale in Comporta Portugal with views in the small hamlet of Possanco.

Plot of land for sale in Comporta


Casas da Comporta House in Alentejo, Comporta Village, Portugal with a 3 bed house in the centre of Comporta within a very nice family environment.

Casas da Comporta


10ha Country Estate in Comporta, with the potential to build a 500 sq. m. home + 150 sq.m agricultural buildings as a farmer.

10ha Country Estate in Comporta


House in Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo, Comporta. 6,300 sq.m. plot of land with a 240 sq. m. exisitng house.

House in Brejos da Carregueira


Plot in Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo, Comporta with a 2,231 sq. m. plot with the potential to build a home of 334 sq. m.

Plot in Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo


Carvalhal Archive

Income villa in Carvalhal with an area of 239 sq.m. and part of a luxury hotel at the heart of Carvalhal Village.

Income Villa in Carvalhal


4 Bed Beach Villa in Casas da Encosta, Pego Beach, Carvalhal. Mature plot of 2,866 sq.m with a modern Villa of 338 sq. m.

4 Bed Beach Villa


Home Renovation near Pego Beach, in Carvalhal, Comporta. Land with 821 sq. m. and home of 146 sq. m.

Home Renovation Pego Beach


Beach House in Comporta, Pego Beach, Carvalhal, Comporta, 3 bed, 2 bath within a 2,150 sq.m. plot.

Beach House Comporta


Pego Beach Villa in Carvalhal, Comporta within a 2,138 sq. m. plot and a 269 sq. m. home with sea-view, within walking distance to the beach.

Beach Villa in Carvalhal


Muda Archive

Comporta Property for sale with potential for an exclusive 500 sq. m. home in  Muda.

4.6ha Estate Muda Comporta


An Exclusive parcel of land for a 500 sq.m. country house in Muda, Comporta.

5.19ha Estate Muda Comporta


A stunning parcel of land in Comporta, Muda for a 500 sq.m. country house.

6.24ha Estate Muda Comporta


51 Hectares of prime real estate in Comporta with a 500 sq. m. Construction area for a family home as a forester.

Land in Muda, Comporta, Portugal


Grandola Archive

Development parcel in Grandola, Alentejo, Portugal. 10,000 sq. m. with planning that allows for 50 homes.

Development Land in Grandola


Beautiful country estate near Grandola in Alentejo with 17 hectares for residential or tourism.

17ha for Sale near Grandola


Renovation Building in Grandola, Alentejo, with 900 sq.m. of commercial and residential areas

Renovation Building in Grandola


Troia Archive

A beautiful Lake Plot in Troia, Alentejo, Portugal. Only a few steps to the beach, the air is scented by the sea, whilst the occasional roar brings the ocean to your door.

Lake Plot in Troia


Golf Plot in Troia, Alentejo, Portugal.Buying a golf plot Troia enables you to build your dream home within a dreamlike environment.

Golf Plot in Troia


Dune Plot in Troia, Alentejo, Portugal.  Plot with 1,288 sq.m. and 343 sq.m. of construction area for a private family villa.

Dune Plot in Troia


Stone House in Troia, Alentejo, Portugal. Buying a stone house in this upmarket beach front resort will provide you with something more. More than a house, but a way of life.

Stone House in Troia


Modern House in Troia, Alentejo, Portugal. Buying a modern house in this upmarket beachfront resort, offers a feel good factor within a diverse landscape overlooking the sea.

Modern House in Troia


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